Candor understands that every client we work with has bespoke needs, requiring carefully considered and crafted strategies.
At the centre of this focus is a desire to successfully ensure our strategies perfectly align to our clients’ objectives.

We value and learn from the immense wisdom and experience amassed by our clients. This wisdom shapes our investment philosophy and recommendations and ultimately our joint success.

Candor provides family office and advisory services to a select group of successful individuals and families.
Our clients share the following attributes:

• Principles and values that are compatible with Candor
• Net wealth in excess of A$20m

Our clients share the common thread that is desire, drive and a proven track record of success. At Candor we acknowledge that this success comes in many forms and as such we work with clients that include business owners, entrepreneurs, professional investors and philanthropists.

“For the first time in a long time, I was able to go on a long holiday without fearing that I would be missing important information.
I came home and the only things in my letterbox were a few pamphlets! Candor has let me enjoy my life again”.

Retired Stockbroker / Professional Investor

“In the first few months I read through everything you provided me but I trust you now and I’m happy to just receive the overview.
My time is better spent building another business and I’ll let you focus on what you do best in managing my money – win / win”.

Technology Entrepreneur