Our Philosophy

Candor is more than our name, it’s our ethos, “the quality of being open, sincere, and honest.”

We believe that success comes from a variety of contributory factors but cannot be ultimately achieved without our ethos. This is what makes Candor and our relationships with clients different.

Our relationships are built on honesty, transparency and trust where candid conversation is encouraged. We feel that these foundations allow us to build lasting, meaningful and successful partnerships with our clients. We build on these foundations, with accomplished technical skill, to deliver outstanding outcomes to our select clients.

Our Values

At Candor we truly practise what we preach. Candor was established to be different, providing a service where our interests are truly aligned with our clients’ interests, which we have found builds a great deal of trust.

For our clients this means having an unwavering advocate in their corner championing their success.

Our values are the cornerstone driving our success: